gsgb newsletter november 2020 edition 

Welcome all members to what will be the last Newsletter of 2020. No doubt this will be a time when all of us look back on the year and hope that 2021 will be a much better year.

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Regretfully, we are following advice about the Coronavirus which means we are cancelling our Convention, which was to be held on 24th May. This is naturally disappointing, particularly as it promised to a great day and one which we hoped would herald the real start within the new Goldfish Society of Great Britain. We are still hopeful that the Show will be held in September and we will be considering plans to amalgamate the Convention and the Show. An email will be sent to GSGB members to give more information about this cancellation and to explore how we can keep the hobby growing in these difficult times.

This website is a new website to reflect the GSGB under new ownership. It’s at an early stage in its development and will be enhanced over time. We ask you to bear this in mind and to keep looking at it to see how both the website and the Society is modernising and developing to help you, the Fish-keeper and Hobbyist.


Goldfish Varieties

The varieties of the Fancy Goldfish can be divided into two categories - single tail and those with a twin tail.


We would like to offer you the chance to join one of the oldest and largest Fancy Goldfish clubs in the World. 


GSGB members can look forward to increased information through the Newsletter